About Laingsburg Accommodation was born from a profound love for travel and an unwavering appreciation for the distinctive allure of Laingsburg. The founders aimed to craft a platform that not only presents a diverse array of accommodation choices but also nurtures a profound connection between tired travellers and the vibrant local community. Join us in discovering the warmth and character of Laingsburg, as we strive to weave a tapestry of shared experiences, connecting travellers to the authentic heart of our vibrant community.


At Laingsburg Accommodation, our mission is to empower guests with transformative escapes. We provide a haven of unmatched comfort, warmth, and genuine hospitality, creating an immersive experience that offers enrichment and unforgettable memories. Committed to the highest standards, we aspire to be more than just a place to stay—crafting an environment where every moment is infused with tranquility, joy, and a sense of belonging.


I am the proud owner of four amazing guest houses in Laingsburg and I am thrilled to share my journey with you. Growing up on a picturesque sheep, cattle, and game farm in the heart of the Kalahari, I developed a deep connection to the land from an early age. After completing my education in Koes and Keetsmanhoop, I pursued my passion for teaching and obtained a Teaching Diploma in Wellington. Little did I know that my path would take an unexpected turn, leading me to the love of my life and into the world of hospitality.

In 1981, just two months after the devastating flood in Laingsburg, I married Wilhelm Theron, a ‘skaapboer’ or a ‘sheep farmer’. Together, we embarked on a journey filled with love, adventure, and the joy of raising our twin daughters and son.

As the years passed, I found my calling in education, teaching at the Ou Mure farm school, located a short distance from our farm. But life had more in store for me. In 1999, I took a leap of faith and started Josephskraal Guest Farm. The warm reception and positive feedback from our guests inspired me to expand, and soon Swartberg Street Guest House and Herambi followed in 2001 and 2005.

Nowadays, I devote my time and energy to running our guest houses as a full-time job. It brings me great joy to create a welcoming and unforgettable experience for every guest who steps foot onto our property.

Annalie Theron (De Klerk)